Recycling Crafts

Plastic Bottle Makes

All these models where made from small plastic water bottles. The Octopus was made from a 2 litre bottle with the bottom cut off and then I cut along the sides to form the legs. May and I then got busy tearing coloured tissue paper into strips and then using PVA glue to stick them on the outside of the bottles.  After 2 layers of tissue we left the bottles to dry and then the next day we added some stickers and coloured foam. More bottle makes below.


Puppet Theatre
Fist of all you need a cardboard box and a sharp pair of scissors, after the box is cut to the right shape the children can do the rest.

Cut out a square shape at the front of the box, make sure you leave a border round the edge.

At the sides cut out rectangle shapes which will allow the puppets access and also let the back drop be changed.

The front of the theatre can be decorated any way you like, the curtains can be made of paper, fabric or foam. Inside the theatre cut paper to fit and the blue tack to the back. Our puppets were coloured in, then stuck on to thick card and stuck on to lollipop sticks.   Alexis

Desk Tidy
James's Desk Tidy



This desk tidy was an easy make,it started with cardboard tubes cut down along with a circle cut from a cardboard box.
                                                                                                           Tubes were painted and decorated with coloured tape. Then out with the PVA to stick them all together.

May Desk Tidy

Two or more plastic bottles are needed. Carefully cut down to what size you are looking for.
Cover with strips of tissue paper, I use watered down PVA.{ its messy but works well }
Cover all three and leave to dry.The stand is just a circle cut out of a cardboard box with some pink card glued on top. Easy to make and you can design it to suit the child.

Junk Robot

Any old boxes or cardboard tubes are needed and don't forget the tinfoil .

Cover the boxes with tinfoil. Glue sticks or PVA ,both work well with tinfoil. Cut out circle holes in the box to push the tubes into.Decorate with coloured foam and tape.Yoguart tubes make good feet and hats.

Cardboard Photo Frames

Cut out the basic square frame from cardboard { cardboard boxes for stronger cardboard}. Add some rolled up spare paper, or some cardboard shapes. Paint over with poaster paint, easy to do!


Cardboard Tube Makes

James By May

1. I cover the brown tubes with white paper first. 
2. If we going to add arms or wings put 2 slits at either side.
3. Cut out arms/ head/ wings
4. Decorate and put together.   


Cardboard Tube People

Tubes covered in white paper,then a half covered in peach paper { or paint }

Add on the face and cover the bottom half with a different colour of paint or paper.

This make can be made to be easy or hard depending on age of children and time needed. The hair can be changed to paper , wool,or foam to make it even easier.

Pink Handprint Bird
This is a nice make for Preschool children .A set of handprints turned into a bird , a nice little craft that parents can keep.
One Little Penguin

This little penguin is an easy make you can do with any age of child. You can pre cut the shapes needed for the younger children and the older ones can practise their scissor skills .All that is needed is cardboard tubes, some card ,coloured foam and glue. His head is covered in plastic from a bin bag which gives it a good effect.
Cardboard Tube Angels
The above Angels are more cardboard tubes easily covered in paper and decorated.
Space Rocket 7
From The Planet Pink
This little space ship is made from cardboard tubes and a yogurt tube covered in tinfoil, simple idea but it works well.


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