Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lord of the Rings Fan

Now I'm not a LOTR Games workshop fan and I dont play the game,I leave that to James and his dad.
But I am a fan of the books and the Films.[cant wait to see The Hobbit got the babysitter booked already] Last month was my birthday and my husband painted me a Dragon from the Games Workshop range. He's a wargammer too but more important than that he remembers my Birthday !

I must admit he is a good figuire painter. Last year he painted me Gandalf my favourite character.Both figuires have been put up high, away from little hands.

He.s a good hubby,only thing is the amount of Warhammer,Flames of war, Lord of the rings figuires, I have in my house it is unbelievable! Even May is getting her own army!
                                                      Mum  Alexis

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