Friday, 29 June 2012

Hand print Paper Flowers

May and James have a Great Gran of 94.  May always wants to make something colourful for her house. Great Gran isn't fond of colours she prefers the greys and off whites.
But my daughter doesn't give up, shes determined to bring some colour into that house. Every time she knows there's a visit planned ,shes away to her craft box.
 This is the latest ,a vase of flowers,  she knows Great Gran likes flowers, what she doesn't relise is all her hard work gets put away in boxes after we leave.  I'm just dreading the day May decides thats it and wants to paint the walls Pink.
I keep telling her the old lady likes grey, May's reply why have grey when you can have pink, purple, silver or gold. It all makes sense at age 7, at 94 not so much.
[ I have put the instructions on how to make the flowers and vase in the recycling craft page]

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