Monday, 9 July 2012

One Cute Guinea Pig

Meet Scruffy the Guinea pig

My new owner seem to wear lots of Pink!

My daughter surprised me!, this past month we had a deal if she could save up the money for a cage she could get a small pet.
Last sunday she made it to the total of £40 and it was away to Pets at Home. Half an hour later we were back with one Guinea pig +cage.We had thought about a Hamster or Gerbil ,but were adviced from a family friend to go for the guinea pig. So far it has been a good choice.
 May cuddles him, brushes his hair and talks to him, the little pig just sits there and loves the attention! So far so good, she has even cleaned up after him, even when it involved a change of clothes.
My vote for best pet for a child ,its got to be a guinea pig


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