Monday, 10 September 2012

Easy make " Children's Cardboard Masks"

May's Friday Night Playdate

May had her cousins round last friday. 2 Very energetic little girls, half an hour in to it the dog was hiding and my hubby had his headphones on plugged into a computer. All the toys had been looked at and put to the side ,even the Wii wasn't working so it was back to the old fashioned story time.

The 3 girls became the 3 little pigs and we made up our own version of the story.{ the pigs were now armed with shotguns and bats } Me I was the wolf who had to dodge bullets.

 It sounds crazy but it worked, it kept them busy till it was time to take them home.  As for me I decided I needed to be better prepared for their next visit.

Pig mask

One tidy up Monster


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