Sunday, 25 November 2012

Winter Origami Bears

How to make an Origami Bear

May managed to make these bears with only a little help. Its a good Origami make for Primary kids a bit too hard for Preschool. I have put  instructions below ,its a lot easier than it looks! Why not give it a go.

Start with a square and fold diagonally across. You will be left with a triangle like the one below. I have puts lines on the example to make it easier.

fold in half and unfold
Fold the left and right tips over towards each other so it looks like below.

 Next 2 folds
Fold the right and left tips outward at an angle so it looks like below
Next 3 folds in ,each ear and the bottom tip
Then turn over and fold the other side of the bottom tip up
Then make the final fold to finish the mouth!


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